olivine olivine  /ˈɑ lə ˌvin/


  • (n) a mineral consisting of magnesium iron silicate; a source of magnesium


  1. Around the core is a 60-mile-thick transition zone, or lower mantle, composed of a mixture of olivine and basalt-like rock that was apparently formed out of molten material.
  2. Grey-haired Facultyman Fritz Hansgirg has applied for a patent for his new method of getting magnesium out of North Carolina's olivine-rich mountains.
  3. The minerals that they have already identified include feldspar and olivineboth found on earth.


  • Olivine-dominated Asteroids: Mineralogy and Origin

    Olivine-dominated asteroids are a rare type of objects formed either in nebular processes or through magmatic differentiation. The analysis of meteorite samples suggest that at least 100 parent bodies in the main belt experienced partial or complete melting and differentiation before being disrupted.
    on October 7, 2013     Source: SpaceRef

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  • "There are a couple of surprises that came up when we looked at this data," said Professor Steve Squyres, principal investigator for the science payload. "Olivine in the Martian soil. What is olivine? It's a mineral, it has silicon, oxygen...
    on Jan 20, 2004 By: Steve Squyres Source: BBC News

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