oleander oleander  /ˈoʊ li ˌæn dər/


  • (n) an ornamental but poisonous flowering shrub having narrow evergreen leaves and clusters of fragrant white to pink or red flowers: native to East Indies but widely cultivated in warm regions



  1. Dodging explosions, the Georgians zigzagged past overgrown oleander bushes and neglected vineyards toward the comparative safety of downtown Sukhumi.
  2. In the La Villetta nursery school in the northern Italian city of Reggio Emilia a dead tree branch is planted next to a tall, leafy oleander.
  3. When the Guests put their oleander out in the spring, it was duly recorded.



  • "Christmas was a lot different for us growing up than it is today," says Willie Nelson. "We never had a Christmas tree and couldn't afford presents. Instead, we decorated my grandma's biggest potted oleander bush and called it our Christmas...
    on Dec 14, 2007 By: Willie Nelson Source: MSNBC

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