oilman oilman  /ˈɔ ɪl ˌmæn/


  1. (n) a person who owns or operates oil wells
  2. (n) a worker who produces or sells petroleum


  1. It was the oilman Dick Cheney who dismissed conservation as a mere sign of "personal virtue," not a basis for energy policy.
  2. And it is certainly not every oilman who would speak at a conference, which I chaired, organized by Greenpeace, shortly after the environmental group had stormed one of his .
  3. He would go on to become a commercial fisherman and part-time oilman and win the nearly 2,000-mile (3,170 km) Iron Dog snowmobile race four times.


  1. TENNIS: Cinco Ranch's Abdel-Rahim wins HTA scholarship

    Katy resident Heba Abdel-Rahim, left, received a $2,000 college scholarship from the Houston Tennis Association. Danny Stephens, HTA board member, presented the scholarships to Abdel-Rahim and Ivette Alba, right, on behalf of HTA and the World Oilman's Tennis Tournament.
    on July 5, 2013     Source: The Rancher

  2. Happy (Energy) Independence Day

    A 4th of July message from oilman Harold Hamm.
    on July 4, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. "Once again, the oilman in the White House is echoing the demands of Big Oil," Pelosi said after the president's remarks on Monday. "The Bush plan is a hoax. It will neither reduce gas prices nor increase energy independence."
    on Jul 14, 2008 By: Nancy Pelosi Source: CBS News

  2. "I'm confident that the attempt of the Bloc to demonize me really belittles the intelligence of Quebecers," Harper said. "Quebecers understand that ...... just because someone's from Alberta, he's not an oilman any more than someone from...
    on Oct 11, 2008 By: Stephen Harper Source: Edmonton Sun

  3. In the ads, Pickens says: "I've been an oilman my whole life, but this is one emergency we can't drill our way out of. And I have a plan. In the coming weeks, I'm going to share the details of that plan to use American technology and alternative...
    on Jul 21, 2008 By: T Boone Pickens Source: Washington Post

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