ogress ogress  /ˈoʊ ɡrəs/


  • (n) (folklore) a female ogre


  1. Maurois is not a member of the ogress school.
  2. I go to the movies because I want to see Spider-Man beat the bad guy, or the ogre Shrek get his ogress.
  3. Sand's enemies declared that in her struggle to overcome it she devoured men like an insatiable ogress.


  • Hard heads will prevail in canal debate

    You will no longer be reading anything about the Boss, as she has requested I stop using the word “Boss” when referring to her. It seems a couple of ladies expressed sympathy for me while at the same time intimating she was possibly some sort of ogress. I would never go so far as to make that claim.
    on November 27, 2013     Source: Mason Valley News

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