occultist occultist


  • (n) a believer in occultism; someone versed in the occult arts


  1. And, like the occultist, the believer in another faith discovers that, ridiculous as his ritual may seem to the uninitiated, it sometimes works for him.
  2. While the three explorers are pursuing their experiment, some occultist zealots find out about it and threaten to kill them unless they surrender the Templars' secret.
  3. Many a saint has since established his credentials with healing miracles, and many an evangelical preacherand occultiststill tries.


  • Isn’t as easy as pick your poison

    “Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” That’s a somewhat well known quote attributed to Paracelsus, a Renaissance physician, botanists, alchemist, astrologer and occultist.
    on May 4, 2014     Source: The Daily Iberian

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