obsidian obsidian  /əb ˈsɪ di ən/


  • (n) acid or granitic glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava without crystallization; usually dark, but transparent in thin pieces


  1. Cut marks on the skulls indicate that the overlying skin, muscles, nerves and blood vessels were removed, probably with an obsidian flake.
  2. In these pages, King is exposed as a man of obsidian, consciously modeling himself on Jervis.
  3. That's the hope of the Trinity Foundation, which is trying to erect the Templar, a pyramid of pink granite and obsidian with a 500-sq.


  1. An early look at Intel's own Tizen UI 'Obsidian'

    "Intel is planning its own UI overlay, codenamed 'Obsidian', that it will bring to the mobile operating system Tizen and possibly Android. A source working at Intel has tipped Ars with several early screenshots and some video of Intel's Obsidian project, which includes a handful of unique UI touches."
    on June 12, 2013     Source: OSNews

  2. It’s no iOS 7: Intel Obsidian UI for Tizen shown off in leaked video

    Wondering what Intel is contributing to the Tizen project? A user interface codenamed Obsidian, for one thing, and it’s been captured on video. It may also be headed to Intel-powered Android devices in…
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Geek.com

  3. Intel Obsidian Tizen skin leaks: Android ambitions tipped

    Intel has been cooking up its own smartphone interface, it’s reported, intending to reskin Tizen and potentially Android with a new theme codenamed Obsidian. The new software will launch first on an Intel reference device known as “Josephine” sources tell Ars Technica, with a pared-back aesthetic using simple, flat iconography and a notification system new Read The Full Story
    on June 10, 2013     Source: SlashGear

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  1. "From our development of Baldur's Gate(TM) and Neverwinter Nights to our engine licensure on Star Wars(R): Knights of the Old Republic(R) 2, we've been working collaboratively with Feargus and other members of the Obsidian Entertainment team for...
    on Aug 4, 2004 By: Ray Muzyka Source: HardwareGeeks.com (press release)

  2. "In partnering my production company, Obsidian Productions, with Dreams Factory and In Your Ear Music, both out of Richmond, and the lens technology developed by Vision 3 Imaging in Northern Virginia, we will be able to offer a unique experience to...
    on Jun 13, 2010 By: Tim Reid Source: Progress Index

  3. "I raised my hand and answered 'obsidian,' and everyone was totally shocked, including the teacher," Dr. Carson said. "And then I explained how it was formed and they were even more shocked."
    on May 15, 2007 By: Dr Ben Carson Source: Detroit Free Press

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