obsequiousness obsequiousness


  • (n) abject or cringing submissiveness



  1. He is polite to the point of obsequiousness, not only to his church superiors, but even to the people he torments.
  2. Far from displaying stage fright or obsequiousness, Critic Friedenberg took these elder bulls of science sternly by the horns, warned them that they had better mend their talk.
  3. Their lives have been litanies of obsequiousness, shining the shoes and licking the boots of the powerful.


  1. More board of health overreach

    I’ve long contended that the most obnoxious and indefensible manifestation of Massachusetts’ nanny state tendencies came from municipal boards of health. Most people think of the board of health as the branch of government responsible for restaurant inspections and septic system enforcement – if they think of them at all. Board of health members – some of them, at least – think they are in ...
    on September 12, 2013     Source: Devils Lake Journal

  2. Clear sky 82.4 °F

    If you Google “drunken concert fans,” you’ll find that the problem of obnoxious drunks is not uncommon at large concert venues.
    on September 11, 2013     Source: The River Reporter

  3. Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy

    Every team has obnoxious fans. Some fan bases have a worse reputation than others. One of those is the Jets. This video won’t help change that impression, especially since the person acting like a punk is a little kid.
    on September 10, 2013     Source: Sports Illustrated


  1. "There is no need to provoke or exaggerate, but there must not be an attitude of obsequiousness and self-deprecation, and the need to always justify the other side. This is a wrong approach," Lieberman said.
    on Jan 2, 2010 By: Avigdor Lieberman Source: Ha'aretz

  2. Teodoro Petkoff, campaign manager for Chavez' presidential opponent Manuel Rosales, said: "In an environment of obsequiousness and servility, 'I, the Supreme (Chavez) am ready to legislate, backed by this far-reaching, enabling law."
    on Jan 18, 2007 By: Teodoro Petkoff Source: New Straits Times

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