oat oat  /ˈoʊt/


  1. (n) annual grass of Europe and North Africa; grains used as food and fodder (referred to primarily in the plural: `oats')
  2. (n) seed of the annual grass Avena sativa (spoken of primarily in the plural as `oats')


  1. Special oat flour is used in soap, cosmetics, facials, sunburn preparations.
  2. Wheat and oat crops are suffering from lack of moisture.
  3. The pop star is now insisting that he be referred to as the icon oat left, a symbol he devise, for which there is no pronunciation.


  1. The Akron Hotel Made from Old Oatmeal Silos is Closing

    Akron's Quaker Square Inn has met its soggy end. The hotel made from 36 old Quaker Oats grain silos is closing.
    on July 1, 2013     Source: Cleveland Scene

  2. For c2renew, waste is an opportunity

    Biomass fillers save money, reduce dependency on petroleum, co-founder says A Fargo-based business named c2renew is combining agriculture's leftovers such as sunflower, oat hulls, sugar beet pulp and flax stalks with plastics to create biocomposites that can be used in endless ways.
    on June 29, 2013     Source: The Fargo Forum

  3. U.S. Oat Seedings Up 10%

    WASHINGTON - Jun 28/13 - SNS -- Area seeded to oats for the 2013 crop year is estimated at 3.03 million acres, up 10% from 2012, according to the USDA seeded area estimates for 2013.
    on June 29, 2013     Source: Ag Report

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  1. "She's feeling her oat," says Tripplehorn. "She only has one. She's feeling it."
    on Jan 7, 2010 By: Jeanne Tripplehorn Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. "He came out of the race terrific," said John Servis, who trains the chestnut colt for owners Roy and Pat Chapman. "There was not one oat [left] in his feed tub this morning. I'm tickled to death to get the extra week before the Belmont [June...
    on May 17, 2004 By: John Servis Source: Boston Globe

  3. Miller added, "Let's put them all under oat and have them announce yes or no, I didn't do it, I know guys who did it, I don't know guys who did it. Fair is fair."
    on Mar 26, 2009 By: Jon Miller Source: Houston Chronicle

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