nutritive nutritive  /ˈnu trə tɪv/


  • (adj) of or providing nourishment


  1. The common denominator of all these slow-release foods, says O'Keefe, is a generally high nutritive value with low calories.
  2. Non-nutritive but ingenious excuses are left in their place by the Propaganda Ministry.
  3. There is no other food product to be had in which nutritive value, wholesomeness and palatability are so well combined.



  1. "Perhaps the Holy Grail is a natural non-nutritive zero- calorie sweetener. We have one," Coca-Cola Chief Financial Officer Gary Fayard, 56, said about the extract during a Sept. 3 conference.
    on Nov 28, 2008 By: Gary Fayard Source: Bloomberg

  2. On being appointed as the brand ambassador of Sugar Free Gold, Bipasha said, "Fitness is about 50 percent diet and 50 percent exercise. Sugar constitutes for the extra calories in our diet, which has no nutritive value except for just empty...
    on Aug 2, 2008 By: Bipasha Basu Source: Apun Ka Choice

  3. "One thing (that needs to be stepped up) is the distribution of nutritive foods and (ensuring that) these are available cheaply," said Sandeep Dikshit, Member of Parliament.
    on Feb 8, 2009 By: Sandeep Dikshit Source:

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