noxiously noxiously


  • (adv) in a detrimental manner



  1. But there is also his composition Elevations 9, a chamber concerto for violin, sitar, bass guitar and bongos, and his affair with an ob noxiously ill-tempered girl named Sylvia.
  2. Lions, tigers and all cleanly cats eschew the foul place, but snakes, lizards andin the oozy lakes-crocodiles are noxiously at home.


  • ‘Fauxsumerism’ Is the Latest Millennial Trend

    Millennials can't win. In the popular imagination, they're entitled, lazy, technology-addled, and noxiously full of cheer. Now, according to WWD, they're also just a generation of window-shoppers. A piece today explains that "converting browsers into buyers" is the biggest challenge facing marketers right now, because generations Y and Z are interested ... More »
    on April 22, 2014     Source: New York Magazine

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