northwestward northwestward


  1. (n) the compass point midway between north and west; at 315 degrees
  2. (adj) toward the northwest
  3. (adv) in a northwestward direction


  1. On that day the drift of the ice floes shifted and the three ships began to move northwestward toward the North Pole.
  2. The storm whirled northwestward, grazed Santo Domingo, isolated the Bahamas, cut off all wireless communication.
  3. The Russians broke across the middle Tisa south of Miskolc, piled northwestward in a drive that might leave Budapest cut off far in the rear.


  • Tropical storm warning issued for Mexico

    MANZANILLO, Mexico, June 30 (UPI) -- Tropical Storm Dalila strengthened slightly during the day Sunday as it churned northwestward in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico, forecasters said.
    on June 30, 2013     Source: UPI

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