nonspecific nonspecific  /ˌnɑn spə ˈsɪ fɪk/


  • (adj) not caused by a specific agent; used also of staining in making microscope slides



  1. The nonspecific offer: Let me know if there's anything that I can do.
  2. You're going to use great, nonspecific words to describe the gravity of the case.
  3. Barely two weeks after Washington sounded a similarly opaque alarm based on nonspecific information, no one seemed to have a good answer.


  • Thomas W. Heinrich, MD

    Hypothyroidism is a common clinical disorder that psychiatrists frequently encounter. However, symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are often vague and nonspecific, which can lead to delayed or missed diagnosis.
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Psychiatric Times


  1. "From a theological point of view - well, you can't have 'purgatory' per se without God, without Christ," said Amy Welborn, a popular online Catholic commentator. "But given a vague, nonspecific Christ-less spirituality, I really don't see an...
    on May 26, 2010 By: Amy Welborn Source: Seattle Times

  2. "Whenever we get this kind of intelligence, we regularly share that with our homeland security advisers in every state so they have the same information we have," Hutchinson said. "But whenever it is nonspecific, that means it is difficult to...
    on Feb 28, 2005 By: Asa Hutchinson Source: CNN

  3. "We don't really care, because it's just a given, when you get specific about a religion or even a region, somebody's going to get offended," Joel added. "It's going to happen no matter what you do, unless the story is so nonspecific and...
    on Jan 26, 2010 By: Coen brothers Source: The Jewish Journal of greater L.A

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