nonpoisonous nonpoisonous  /nɑn ˈpɔ ɪ zə nəs/


  1. (adj) not producing poison
  2. (adj) safe to eat



  1. The new method utilizes a pad impregnated with a colorless, nonpoisonous chemical compound and a special paper sensitive to that compound.
  2. It was nonpoisonous, odorless, would not support flame.
  3. After much headline hullabaloo, the committee finally decided that slick Mr, Monroe was a nonpoisonous bug.


  • Blue mustard plants on the rise in Canyon County

    CALDWELL -- Have you seen patches of blue and purple flowers growing near county roads, ditches, and other areas? The Canyon County Weed Control Department wants people to be on alert for the Blue Mustard plants commonly seen in the area. Authorities say the nonpoisonous flowering plant can grow up to 18" tall and resembles a thistle. It typically grows on ditch banks, right of ways, and other ...
    on April 11, 2014     Source: KTVB Boise

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