nonliving nonliving


  • (adj) not endowed with life



  1. The proponents of artificial life want their life-forms to create themselves, to emerge from nonliving components just as life on earth arose from the primordial ooze.
  2. Never before have the creations of laboratories come so close to crossing the threshold that separates living from nonliving, the quick from the dead.
  3. Crystallization is a property of nonliving matter but when the virus was applied to the leaf it promptly acquired the ability to reproduce itselfa characteristic of life.


  • Fourth-graders at Montgomery Avenue Elementary learn about ecosystems

    Students in Mrs. Christine Campenni's and Mrs. Donna Kleback's fourth-grade classes at Montgomery Avenue Elementary School in West Pittston recently completed a unit on ecosystems. Students studied how the living and nonliving things in ecosystems interact. As part of this unit, students completed ecosystem group projects. Each...
    on March 9, 2014     Source: Times Leader


  • "It's impossible to draw a precise distinction between living and nonliving things," George Dyson, a science historian at the University of Washington in Seattle, writes in a forthcoming book, "Dangerous Ideas."
    on Dec 29, 2006 By: George Dyson Source: San Jose Mercury News

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