nonkosher nonkosher


  • (adj) not conforming to dietary laws



  1. To meet orthodox dietary prohibitions, flights are scheduled so that Jewish passengers will not be stranded at mealtime in such nonkosher cities as Teheran and Athens.
  2. Two of its chief planks: strict observance of the Sabbath, and a ban on importation of nonkosher meat.
  3. Three months ago, in a desperate effort to maintain Israelis' fortnightly meat ration, the government allocated some locally grown pork to a few nonkosher butcher shops in Haifa.


  • "It involved burning off the kitchen, applying flame to open surfaces ...... and using pots and pans that had never been used for nonkosher dishes. It's a fairly daunting proposition," Scheib said. "We did it all under rabbinical...
    on Nov 21, 2007 By: Walter Scheib Source: International Herald Tribune

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