nonindustrial nonindustrial


  • (adj) not having highly developed manufacturing enterprises


  1. The chief trouble is that the nonindustrial two-thirds of the human race is increasing so rapidly that it cannot become industrial.
  2. His first nonindustrial film, a gentle documentary on deaf children made in 1953, won an Academy Award.
  3. RCA's research headquarters will profit by being in a nonindustrial area, free of mechanical noises that might interfere with its work.


  • Sign up for Emergency Forest Restoration Program announced

    An Ice Storm has caused severe damage in Emanuel County. Nonindustrial private forest (NIPF) landowners suffering severe damage may be eligible for assistance under the Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP) that is administered by the Emanuel County Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Office,
    on March 14, 2014     Source: The Swainsboro Forest-Blade


  1. "Nonindustrial private forests in the United States provide enormous public benefits. These forests protect water and air quality, provide wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities and also act to sequester carbon, which helps mitigate climate...
    on Apr 17, 2008 By: Tom Harkin Source: AgWeb

  2. "We have a strong tradition of thinking about farming as sort of noble and protected and nonindustrial," Gregory said. "Someone that says, 'I want my kids to work with me on the family farm,' seems to be saying something a little different...
    on Jul 8, 2004 By: James Gregory Source: Seattle Times

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