nonfunctional nonfunctional


  1. (adj) not having or performing a function
  2. (adj) not performing or able to perform its regular function


  1. He sketched one out: the human genome contains nonfunctional elements in the precise spot where they can be found on the chromosomes of lower animals.
  2. The formal order, to be issued very soon, will forbid the use of nickel, chromium, copper or aluminum in nonfunctional automobile parts.
  3. But in modern war the Sam Browne is as nonfunctional as the saber.


  • Disabled 11-Year-Old Girl Not Allowed In Museum Because Her Wheelchair Would "Get Carpets Dirty"

    A Charlotte family says their 11-year-old daughter was not allowed into a museum recently because staff said her wheelchair would “get the carpets dirty.” The girl, Lexi Haas, suffers from Kernicterus, a condition that has left her almost nonfunctional physically. Lexi and her parents planned to visit the Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, Ga. They were worried about Lexi’s visit since the ...
    on July 10, 2013     Source: Opposing Views

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