noiseless noiseless


  • (adj) making no sound


  1. Splayed out from both banks are noiseless hollows and stubbly, once-farmed bottoms, all in the shadow of Appalachian mountains, which rise dark and gorgeous in every direction.
  2. On the few occasions when Gray kicked up his heels his letters brightened, but for the most part they reflect exactly the noiseless tenor of his studious way.


  • Short-Circuited

    The technology’s here, but buying electric cars in Virginia isn’t easy. by Peter Galuszka With a light tap to the accelerator, the sleek, nearly noiseless sedan rockets past Rocketts Landing. With its 85 kilowatt-hour battery system, the red car can go from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]
    on July 3, 2013     Source: Style Weekly


  1. "We have too many gadgets," Franco said. "In the last 10 years have you been in a place for 20 minutes that was completely noiseless? A place where you could just relax?"
    on Mar 14, 2007 By: Julio Franco Source: Chicago Tribune

  2. The alien invaders, for example, kill people with a deadly heat ray that Wells described as "an almost noiseless and blinding flash of light."
    on Sep 21, 2009 By: HG Wells Source: National Geographic

  3. The mistake here, says Radcliffe, lies in overlooking not just what Cardinal Newman called "God's noiseless work", but human nature itself.
    on Feb 20, 2009 By: John Henry Newman Source: Times Online

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