nitrogen-fixing nitrogen-fixing


  • (adj) contributing to the process of nitrogen fixation


  1. Better yet, the leaves can be used for protein-rich cattle feed, and nitrogen-fixing bacteria on the roots help to fertilize the soil.
  2. But scientists are seeking to give more plants this nitrogen-fixing ability.
  3. The Muscle Shoals power, while a nitrogen-fixing industry is developing, will probably be considerably greater than is needed.


  • Creating Plants That Make Their Own Fertilizer

    Much of modern agriculture relies on biologically available nitrogenous compounds (called "fixed" nitrogen) made by an industrial process developed by German chemist Fritz Haber in 1909. Himadri Pakrasi, PhD, a scientist at Washington University in St. Louis, thinks it should be possible to design a better nitrogen-fixing system. His idea is to put the apparatus for fixing nitrogen in plant ...
    on August 24, 2013     Source: Newswise

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