ninety-nine ninety-nine


  • (adj) being nine more than ninety




  1. Nineteen ninety-nine was a big year for memorials.
  2. One hundred and ninety-nine seats were filled.
  3. Nilson broke the tape one step in front, which meant that Nurmi had finished the race only ninety-nine yards ahead of Nilson.


  • Garavelli's Cafeteria to close after 99 years

    Ninety-nine-years-ago, when Joe Garavelli opened his first cafeteria restaurant on DeBaliviere, there was no Facebook. But social media is the way the current owners announced Garavelli's will close for good on June 28.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: KSDK St. Louis


  1. "The whole plane has a parachute on it," Lidle told the Times. "Ninety-nine percent of pilots that go up never have engine failure, and the one percent that do usually land it. But if you're up in the air and something goes wrong, you pull...
    on Oct 11, 2006 By: Cory Lidle Source:

  2. "Up until now, about half of 1 percent of Americans have voted. Ninety-nine percent plus have not voted. And those 99 percent deserve to have their voices heard because we have had too much in America of people's voices not being heard," Edwards...
    on Jan 8, 2008 By: John Edwards Source: Guardian Unlimited

  3. "I had bad luck," Norrena said. "That one shot that got by me kind of destroyed our game tonight. When you make a mistake like that, you feel bad for your teammates. Ninety-nine out of 100 times, that shot doesn't bounce in like that."
    on Mar 16, 2007 By: Fredrik Norrena Source: Forbes

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