niggardly niggardly  /ˈnɪ ɡərd li/


  • (adj) petty or reluctant in giving or spending


Derived Word(s)


  1. Howard tried to explain that niggardly is a legitimate word meaning 'miserly' and has no racial connotation, to no avail.
  2. Wood, 43, acted in her first movie when she was four, and though the critical praise was niggardly, she always had work.
  3. But that's only half the story, for King is never niggardly when it comes to plotting.


  1. The Prime Minister had just addressed the Canadian Parliament and Karsh recalled: "He was in no mood for portraiture and two minutes were all that he would allow me as he passed from the House of Commons chamber to an ante-room. Two niggardly...
    on Nov 2, 2008 By: Yousuf Karsh Source:

  2. The president of the Republican club began his introduction for Horowitz saying, "Today, we live in a society where use of the word 'niggardly' requires an apology," and mocking the pronoun "zhe" used by many transgender people.
    on Mar 2, 2010 By: David Horowitz Source: Socialist Worker Online

  3. "For," as Aristotle says, "she is not niggardly, like the Delphian smiths whose knives have to serve for many purposes, she makes each thing for a single purpose, and the best instrument is that which serves one and not many uses."
    on Aug 25, 2009 By: Aristotle Source: Daily Times

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