nativist nativist  /ˈneɪ tɪ ˌvɪst/


  1. (n) a philosopher who subscribes to nativism
  2. (adj) advocating the perpetuation of native societies
  3. (adj) of or relating to or advocating nativism



  1. The worst nativist instincts on immigration, that will cripple any chances the party has to survive the here-and-now and impending demographic changes.
  2. But New York's internationalism forced me to rethink my nativist aesthetic.
  3. But if a nativist revolt is brewing, his fellow Republicans are handing out the pitchforks.


  • Editorial: Don't let House Republicans thwart immigration reform

    House Republicans - including four from southeast Michigan - will meet behind closed doors today to consider their response on a bipartisan immigration reform bill. It's an important opportunity for a party whose nativist fear-mongering poses a mortal threat to its future. But all signs suggest that House Speaker John Boehner and his colleagues are more interested in sabotaging bipartisan ...
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Detroit Free Press


  1. "The ugly nativist animus that once hounded the immigrants of the Lower East Side and elsewhere, Jewish and Irish and Italian and Asian alike, is reappearing in our public life," Rich said. "Legitimate concerns about national security and the...
    on Dec 2, 2007 By: Frank Rich Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "Yeah," McCain said, "we were in a restaurant and he just sent over a plate of nachos. What do you say to something like that? I Throughout our history, we have had people who stoked nativist instincts," he said.
    on Oct 25, 2008 By: John McCain Source: Long Beach Press-Telegram

  3. "You have a weird nativist surge in Western Europe, and a kind of odd panic: Aliens are here, they don't accept our values, they are a threat to our way of life and turn to radicalism," says Fried.
    on Feb 26, 2007 By: Daniel Fried Source: WorldNetDaily

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