musicological musicological


  • (adj) of or relating to musicology


  1. What is Sarah Caldwell doing with a war horse like that, when she could be scoring musicological points by dredging up, say, Cornelius' The Barber of Baghdad!.
  2. Daniels' contempt for jazz writers and critics knows no bounds, but his own attempts at musicological analysis are feeble at best.


  1. "Each day takes you through a different musical style," Karidoyanes said about "Musicological Journey, which the Phil has not performed for a few years." "It isn't highbrow music. It becomes clear it's tongue-in-cheek. When we're...
    on Dec 3, 2008 By: Steven Karidoyanes Source: Old Colony Memorial and Plymouth Bulletin

  2. "We did very difficult music this year," Schmitt explains. "We did 'A Musicological Journey Through the Twelve Days of Christmas,' changing styles and tempos often because that's how its created for flavor : there was : Gregorian chant :...
    on Dec 24, 2008 By: Carl Schmitt Source: Greene County Record

  3. "There's been a serious musicological approach to it," says Connolly, explaining that the version recorded is the one she sang at La Scala in 2006, which incorporates some extra pieces by Purcell. "It was something that just needed to be...
    on Oct 9, 2008 By: Sarah Connolly Source:

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