mural mural  /ˈmjʊ rəl/


  1. (n) a painting that is applied to a wall surface
  2. (adj) of or relating to walls

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  1. Mexico's famed muralist and longtime Communist, David Alfaro Siqueiros, had just finished painting a gun on the walls of Mexico City's Chapultepec Castle when the police seized.
  2. After going missing for decades in Mexico and an arduous restoration, a mural of renowned Japanese artist Taro Okamoto finds a home for the first time in Tokyo's Shibuya station.
  3. For starters, Banksy murals bring foot traffic.


  1. Banana Mural Riles Indiana Town

    The mural on the house is clearly a banana. But is it art? Or an advertisement? That is the question facing a town in Indiana as it weighs whether or not the house can keep its banana mural. Yossarian Gutwein painted the picture of a...        
    on June 13, 2013     Source: ABC News

  2. Mural protest gets pledge to fix kilns

    Days after a Manatee High School ceramics class unveiled a recycled material mural homage to Edvard
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Sarasota Herald-Tribune

  3. Washington mural crafted from 8,000 sticky notes

    A mural of George Washington crafted from 8,000 multi-color sticky notes is taking shape in West Palm Beach.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: WINK TV Southwest Florida

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  1. Even the governator was recorded as saying, "To do so [paint over the mural] only days before we celebrate our independence and reflect on the freedoms we are lucky enough to enjoy in America is unconscionable."
    on Jul 4, 2010 By: Arnold Schwarzenegger Source: allvoices

  2. "REM's music is truly all-encompassing," said Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, who inducted them. "They used every color on the pallette, they invented colors on their own and they put up this huge mural of music and sound and emotion."
    on Mar 12, 2007 By: Eddie Vedder Source: Washington Post

  3. "But if you look into the mural, there's actually a second Allosaurus that's meant to be sort of charging into the scene to help out ...... in this big attack. Chances are he'll lose anyway, but at least he's got friends," Lamanna said, laughing...
    on Nov 21, 2007 By: Matt Lamanna Source: FOXNews

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