monovalent monovalent  /ˌmɑ nə ˈveɪ lənt/


  1. (adj) containing only one kind of antibody
  2. (adj) having a valence of 1



  1. The federal program is providing two types of vaccine: monovalent, which offers protection only against swine flu, and bivalent, which also contains vaccine against last year's .
  2. In other countries, such as Yemen, Egypt and India, the immunization program is getting a boost from a so-called monovalent vaccine, which more effectively knocks out the Type 1 .
  3. Because today many people are discovering "that a single story, a monovalent logic, a rigid theology are not adequate.



  • "For a trivalent pandemic vaccine [containing three different strains of vaccine], annual manufacturing capacity is about 500 million doses," Chan said. "For a monovalent vaccine [containing one strain], this figure increases to 1.5 billion...
    on Apr 26, 2007 By: Margaret Chan Source: US Department of State (press release)

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