monotonic monotonic


  1. (adj) of a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or consistently decreasing and never increasing in value
  2. (adj) sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch



  1. The sensory overload of superstardom is chillingly conveyed in Numb as the Edge's monotonic vocal is underscored by a lacerating guitar lick.
  2. At the end, a trio of teenagers sang India's monotonic national anthem, Jana Gana ManaRulers of the People's Hearts.


  • Cold Weather Greets The End Of 2013, Start Of 2014

    A cold front—nay an Arctic front—passed through the city this morning. Not surprisingly, cooler, drier air quickly followed, with both the temperature and dew point beginning a monotonic downward slide that probably won't stop until early tomorrow morning. Today's high was probably 44 degrees and we will likely be below freezing by early evening . With a brisk wind out of the northwest it will ...
    on December 31, 2013     Source: Gothamist

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