monotheistic monotheistic


  • (adj) believing that there is only one god


  1. The story shows the yearning of the Muslims to come from far-off Arabia right into the heart of the monotheistic family, symbolized by Jerusalem.
  2. Three hands hold out the symbols of the three monotheistic religions.
  3. The funerary tower is part of the ancient burial practice of Zoroastrianism, the world's oldest monotheistic religion.


  • 300: Rise of an Empire trailer puts Persians in a pickle

    Well, it seems the Persian Empire need only have not given itself up to the dreams of a buff, oiled up, hugely pierced, Speedo wearing king and they would have done just fine. Or, graphic novels are not historically accurate. We are confused by all the man candy on display. Considering that Xerxes was a monotheistic monarch who had a long beard, a decent set of Shirley Temple curls a la Afro ...
    on August 16, 2013     Source: TG Daily


  1. "Here the path of the world's three great monotheistic religions meet, reminding us what they share in common," Benedict said earlier as he became the first pope to visit the Dome of the Rock shrine inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, a site...
    on May 12, 2009 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source: AFP

  2. "I am pleased to support the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. It is vital for the monotheistic religions to reach a common ground of understanding and gain knowledge about what unites our civilizations," said Prince Alwaleed. "We...
    on Dec 13, 2005 By: Prince Alwaleed Source: Arab News

  3. Hitchens writes: "Monotheistic religion is a plagiarism of a plagiarism of a hearsay of a hearsay, of an illusion of an illusion, extending all the way back to a fabrication of a few non-events."
    on Mar 27, 2007 By: Christopher Hitchens Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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