monocled monocled


  • (adj) wearing, or having the face adorned with, eyeglasses or an eyeglass



  1. The monocled, well-preserved bon vivant took over his uncle's Wall Street firm in 1892, swelled it to 42 offices, 800 employes.
  2. London police this week found a well dressed, be-monocled Englishman sleeping in an ash can, having started to sit up all night to get a view of King George's Silver Jubilee and.
  3. General Hans von Seeckt, 70, be-monocled, wasp-waisted Wartime Chief of Staff of Germany's Third Army Corps, prime military strategist; after brief illness; in Berlin.


  • STUDIO VISIT: Emi Slade

    Meet Emi Slade . Her work is an eclectic mix of painting, sculpting, airbrushing and taxidermy. She draws inspiration from classic science fiction novels, vintage psychedelic art, and contemporary pop surrealism. These inspirations show through in a body of work that includes large-eyed tentacled creatures and monocled skunks with top hats. Emi is self-taught in all the media she uses, including ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Detroit Metro Times

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