monetise monetise


  • (v) give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country



  1. "Longer term, we're intently focused on developing ways not only to monetise our acquired internet assets, but also on how to exploit our vast content libraries as broadband access proliferates," Mr Murdoch said. "From aggressively growing...
    on Aug 8, 2006 By: Rupert Murdoch Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. The Open Rights Groups's executive director Becky Hogge said of the move: "We need to protect users from punitive measures. Stopping illicit file-sharing might not be as effective a measure as trying to monetise it."
    on Jul 3, 2008 By: Becky Hogge Source: PC Retail

  3. As the company evolves into the software and service model, Ballmer said, "We'll also continue to see evolution not only in the way we build our software and deliver it, but in the way ...... we monetise it."
    on May 10, 2007 By: Steve Ballmer Source: Computerworld Australia

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