moire moire


  1. (n) silk fabric with a wavy surface pattern
  2. (adj) (of silk fabric) having a wavelike pattern



  1. Even in the best of times a cardinal's wardrobe costs about $4,000, from his moire silk skullcap to his red silk socks and red morocco, silver-buckled shoes.
  2. Once inside, visitors find the stony exterior becomes a playful moire that lets in shards of light.
  3. In one astounding creation, he managed six shades of it by the masterly use of six materials: grain de poudre, moire, velvet, duchesse satin, leather and Chantilly lace.


  • Portrait of the Artist

    Wednesday June 26, 2013 NORTH ADAMS -- Richard Harrington’s kinetic mathematical sculptures are based on a three-year-long study of stellations -- star-like realizations of the Platonic and semi-regular solids -- the Euler Equation and a decades-long fascination with light, penumbration, moire patterns and concepts of movement from perceptual psychology, such as the stereopsis of looking
    on June 26, 2013     Source: North Adams Transcript

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