misbegotten misbegotten  /ˌmɪs bə ˈɡɑ tən/


  • (adj) born out of wedlock



  1. Maybe putting Big Tobacco and Big Government in the same cage and trying to get them to mate was just unnatural, a misbegotten match.
  2. The new cunning is to litigate, which leads to misbegotten struggles.
  3. In five gothic novels, she probed soul-deep into a misbegotten Dixie brood and found both depravity and innocence.


  • Vehicle 19: Film Review

    Paul Walker takes a misbegotten trip to South Africa. read more        
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. During his remarks, New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said, "You weren't supposed to be graduating into an America fighting a misbegotten war in a foreign land. You weren't supposed to be graduating into a world where we are still...
    on Dec 30, 2006 By: Arthur Sulzberger Jr Source: Opinion Editorials

  2. "Among senior military people, he was probably the first to consider the war in Iraq a misbegotten adventure," Brzezinski said yesterday. "He believed that we're just stoking hostility to the United States in that region and developing an...
    on May 31, 2008 By: Zbigniew Brzezinski Source: Washington Post

  3. According to LifeSite News, Neuhaus called the organization "misbegotten in concept and corrupt in practice," and went so far as to urge that it be terminated.
    on Sep 23, 2009 By: Richard John Neuhaus Source: Catholic Online

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