millenarian millenarian


  1. (n) a person who believes in the coming of the millennium (a time of great peace and prosperity)
  2. (adj) relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness



  1. Others among the senior clergy are leery of promoting such millenarian beliefs.
  2. Nonetheless, a few tantalizing similarities exist between then and now, among them the revival of millenarian sects and predictions about the world's end.
  3. With millenarian terrorism, however, a political approach is a waste of time.


  1. "It seems most likely that this was Shiite on Shiite violence, with millenarian cultists making an attempt to march on Najaf during the chaos of the ritual season of Muharram," Islamic scholar Juan Cole said on his Web site. "The dangers of...
    on Jan 28, 2007 By: Juan Cole Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. Writing in the New Yorker, Steve Coll notes that Bin Laden "should be understood not only as a self-isolating radical imbued with millenarian religious narratives, but also as a modern and globalized figure whose experiences and outlook belong very...
    on Jul 2, 2009 By: Steve Coll Source:

  3. That fusion has, in turn, led to what Karsh calls "Islam's millenarian imperial experience"-and, one might add, the millenarian political expectations of some Muslims today.
    on Feb 11, 2008 By: Efraim Karsh Source: Spero News

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