miasmic miasmic


  1. (adj) of noxious stench from atmospheric pollution
  2. (adj) filled with vapor



  1. Democracy, here, is a luxury good, affordable only to rich and educated nations, or a transplant that will not bloom in the miasmic tropics of underdevelopment.
  2. We were now on the back veranda, where an old, bulbous electric fan with banana-leaf blades was slowly turning, barely stirring the miasmic air.


  • E-cigarettes gain fans, critics as 'vaping' spreads

    Gloria Roberts still remembers the dark cloud cigarettes once cast over her life. And why shouldn't she? It was only five months ago that she finally broke the miasmic chokehold of tobacco products and said goodbye to smelly clothes, breath and fingers; the coughing, hacking and wheezing; lack of energy; and the critical gaze of non-smokers.
    on March 10, 2014     Source: The Tuscaloosa News

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