membered membered  /ˈmɛm bərd/


  • (adj) having members; normally used in chemistry in combination with a number


  1. Johnny Cash Remembered Other artists' thoughts on a music legend: The Man In Black Johnny Cash showed the world how to walk the line: A Final Interview.
  2. For all its upheavals and frustrations, the year would be remembered to the end of time for the dazzling skills and Promethean daring that sent mortals around the moon.
  3. In a thousand years' time, she will be remembered where great presidents are forgotten.


  • New form of carbon: Grossly warped 'nanographene'

    By introducing multiple odd-membered ring defects into a graphene lattice, researchers have experimentally demonstrated that the electronic properties of graphene can be modified in a predictable manner through precisely controlled chemical synthesis.
    on July 15, 2013     Source: Science Daily

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