megalomaniacal megalomaniacal


  • (adj) suffering from megalomania

Derived Word(s)


  1. The Lesson, a portrait of a megalomaniacal teacher, reflected dark satire of the powerful.
  2. The chief minister has recently been hit by the defection to the Congress Party of several senior BJP members, who describe their former leader as autocratic and megalomaniacal.
  3. A nauseous whiff of the rat-tat-tattling of a megalomaniacal Broadway columnist and his fawning hatchetman : with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis TIsIE, June 24).


  • Are smartphones draining our confidence?

    "Is Your iPhone Turning You Into a Wimp?" is the provocative title of an article from Harvard Business School's Monday newsletter, Working Knowledge, and in it you can hear echoes of Google's Sergey Brin's contention that smartphones are "emasculating." But this time, our smarter-than-thou technologies aren't sapping our confidence by making us depend on them, like megalomaniacal red ...
    on July 1, 2013     Source: The Saratogian


  1. White say Bay was a joy to work with: "I thought he would be like some kind of crazed, you know, megalomaniacal control freak and he is exactly the opposite."
    on Nov 15, 2006 By: Julie White Source: Cinematical (blog)

  2. "We are faced with a resurgent major power with imperialist megalomaniacal ambitions, led by the most effective leader in the world today," Peters said. "Ladies and gentlemen, I find this terribly reminiscent of the 1930s."
    on Aug 14, 2008 By: Ralph Peters Source: Inter Press Service

  3. "One thing that liberals aren't, is unified, generally, in their thought," Colbert replied. "It's easier for me to be a larger-than-life, megalomaniacal figure if I'm doing it passionately from the right."
    on Dec 1, 2006 By: Stephen Colbert Source: Harvard Crimson

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