megalithic megalithic


  • (adj) of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths


  1. At Gobekli Tepe, 15 km northeast of the city of Sanliurfa, stand four megalithic limestone pillars, 7 m tall and weighing perhaps 50 tons each.
  2. Perhaps the Stonehenge people built their megalithic temple, like Pope Gregory built his churches, on a still more ancient circle of hallowed pudding stones.
  3. People watch the midsummer sun rise over the megalithic monument at Stonehenge, Tuesday, on England's Salisbury Plain.


  • House Calls: Rain barrel savings

    Rainwater has been collected as far back as 850 B.C. in simple clay pots, complex underground cisterns and great megalithic structures.
    on March 8, 2014     Source: Leader-Telegram

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