man-portable man-portable


  • (adj) portable by one man


  • Included in the shipment were 80 man-portable surface-to-air missiles and launchers.



  1. "We are particularly concerned that our government has the capacity to deal quickly with vulnerable stockpiles of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, otherwise known as Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems (MANPADS). Such weapons could be used by...
    on Dec 12, 2006 By: Richard Lugar Source: All American Patriots (press release)

  2. Mr Downer said he was "not dismissive of the idea" that airlines such as Qantas and Virgin Blue be forced to safeguard their planes from attack by "man-portable air defence systems", otherwise known as MANPADS.
    on Jan 19, 2007 By: Alexander Downer Source: The Australian

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