lusciously lusciously


  • (adv) so as to produce a delightful taste



  1. And Composer Still's music, sometimes lusciously scored, sometimes naively melodic, often had more prettiness than power.
  2. Relishing this setting, director Rob Marshall triumphs in bringing Arthur Golden's 1997 worldwide best seller lusciously to life as a sumptuous love story.
  3. Like the Coen brothers' excellent The Man Who Wasn't There, Lynch's laugh-scream of a movie dwells lusciously in the Kingdom of Noir.


  • Maison & Jardin private dining venue closing in October

    Bill Beuret and his wife, Judy, will close Maison & Jardin, a private event venue, in October. The Altamonte Springs facility with multiple rooms and lusciously landscaped grounds operated as a fine dining destination from 1972 to 2006. For the last seven years the Seminole Country space has operated as a special-events facility to meet a growing need north of Orlando.        
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Orlando Sentinel

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