lubricious lubricious


  1. (adj) having a smooth or slippery quality
  2. (adj) characterized by lust



  1. Kitt expressed this lubricious sentiment in buttoned-down 1953, the beginning of the Eisenhower years.
  2. These two hook up to defraud a lubricious Mormona bit of bunko that helps keep the Dirtwater Fox a few steps ahead of some bad guys who are giving him heated chase.
  3. His lubricious jeans ads and languorous underwear pitches have now been joined by a kinky perfume campaign.


  • "As nasty as it is lubricious, a despicable attempt to titillate us by exploiting memories of persecution and suffering," said critic Roger Ebert about "The Night Porter."
    on Apr 17, 2008 By: Roger Ebert Source: Deutsche Welle

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