longitudinally longitudinally


  1. (adv) across time
  2. (adv) in the direction of the length
  3. (adv) with respect to longitude


  1. First car in the world to lie the engine across the vehicle rather than longitudinally.
  2. Memes travel longitudinally down generations, but they travel horizontally too, like viruses in an epidemic.
  3. Then he opens the wounds wide, slitting the muscles longitudinally and exposing a large area to the air, so that the gas germs cannot breed.


  • Multi Check Valves feature manifold mounted design.

    Integrating 4 check valves into one body, Model R-614 features integrated circuitry and Octoport outlet design. Eight air passages extend longitudinally through body surrounding valve cavity integrated circuit. Model R-337 is a 3-way, spring return, fully ported piloted valve, while Model R-338 is a 2-position, 3-way, fully ported double-piloted valve. Featuring independent check valve in same ...
    on January 30, 2014     Source: ThomasNet


  • "This is the first research network that will be able to follow patients longitudinally -- their care, medications, hospitalizations and vital status -- which can directly lead to improvements in care delivery and patient outcomes," Dr. John...
    on Nov 28, 2007 By: Donald Rumsfeld Source: Bizjournals.com

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