longed-for longed-for


  • (adj) greatly desired



  1. And the much longed-for invitation to the White House let alone to a certain ranch in Texas has been the object of countless pages of speculation.
  2. One consequence of this, trivial in the grand scheme of things, is that it is a long haul to the warm fire and longed-for cache of Swiss beer that await us.
  3. Experts say the rockiest phase of the commuter marriage often comes with the longed-for permanent reunion.



  • Heaney adds that former US President Bill Clinton, who helped broker the 1998 peace agreement, and Irish Republican leader Gerry Adams still recite from memory several ringing lines of the passage: "Once in a lifetime / The longed-for tidal wave /...
    on Apr 6, 2008 By: Seamus Heaney Source: Seattle Times

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