life-sized life-sized


  • (adj) being of the same size as an original



  1. On the wall of another chamber were two life-sized lions facing three other lions and a beautiful rhino.
  2. Outside the door, a pair of knee-booted grenadiers of the palace guard stood, like life-sized toys, with ceremonial sabers bared.
  3. On the middle bench, they proposed to seat a life-sized statue of James Michael Curley, resting himself among the citizenry.


  1. Munson: Iowa train broker's business hitched to Johnny Depp's Lone Ranger'

    One Iowan's unique, arcane business as a broker of rail cars came in handy when Disney called in search of life-sized props for its newest blockbuster that hits theaters this week, The Lone Ranger. Trailer: 'The Lone Ranger'
    on June 28, 2013     Source: The Des Moines Register

  2. I Feel the Cosmos: Life-Sized Yoga Ball-Controlled 'Katamari Damacy' Charms Art Festival

    by Joseph Leray You know what's cool? Art installations that are wired up to let people play a life-sized version of "Katamari Damacy," Keita Takahashi's whimsical dreamscape-meets-social-commentary, using a giant yoga ball. Using a projector, an Arduino circuit board, and some optical mouses, Über Cool Stuff owner and do-it-yourselfer Chris McInnis debuted the project at [...]
    on June 27, 2013     Source: MTV

  3. Robotic dinosaurs at Oglebay, a roaring good time

    Five life-sized dinosaurs, and some tiny baby off-spring, are living at the Good Zoo at Oglebay Park in Wheeling this summer. Well maybe “living” is arguable, but it feels a lot like they’re alive.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: West Virginia Public Broadcasting


  1. "Imagine my surprise, walking past the member for Hinkler's office - I came across, in the window of his office, a life-sized bear, not just an ordinary bear, in fact a white bear, a polar bear, quite a famous bear - Bundy Bear," Ms Roxon said...
    on Jun 18, 2008 By: Nicola Roxon Source:

  2. "It's not videoconferencing. If they [the audience] look around, they see their local background behind me, and I'm life-sized and I can establish eye contact: Point to the right place, and it's actually quite convincing," Kurzweil said.
    on May 20, 2008 By: Ray Kurzweil Source: ZDNet UK

  3. "I wanted to do a life-sized bronze of 'AP' because he's really one of our foundation stallions," said Farish. "We bred him, and he's come back to stand at the farm; he'sa two-time champion and one of the outstanding stallions in the country....
    on Jun 9, 2008 By: William Farish III Source: BloodHorse

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