life-giving life-giving


  • (adj) giving or having the power to give life and spirit


  1. As applause cascaded over him, he visibly inhaled it like life-giving oxygen, which it was to him.
  2. It could be a scene from Pulp Fiction - but the life-giving jab of Narcan never comes.
  3. But without the ocean, there would be no forests, no meadows, no rollicking rain-filled clouds, no life-giving winds, no coral reefs, no cod, no people.


  • Farmer: A different kind of 'power plant'

    Throughout history, many cultures have worshiped the sun for its life-giving powers. In reality, it's not the sun itself, but rather the plants that have learned to harvest that all powerful sunshine, to whom we should bow on bended knees.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Athens Banner-Herald


  1. "To show there is an independent form of thinking there about religion that stands on its own, that's really more life-giving than what you get from Europe," Cone said. "Black people who come from that approach have a very healthy...
    on Jan 25, 2007 By: James Hal Cone Source: Kansas City Star

  2. As Taymor explains, "When the human spirit visibly animates an object, we experience a special, almost life-giving connection. We become engaged by both the method of storytelling as well as the story itself."
    on May 30, 2006 By: Julie Taymor Source: Greater Tulsa Reporter Newspapers

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