liberalise liberalise


  1. (v) become more liberal
  2. (v) make liberal or more liberal, of laws and rules



  • Virgin Mobile wins one of three Saudi virtual telecom licences

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa (VMMEA) is one of three companies to win a virtual telecom licence in Saudi Arabia, the industry regulator said on Sunday, in the latest step to liberalise ...
    on June 23, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! Finance


  1. With many APEC members seeing the prospect of a Asia Pacific free trade area as a long term goal, Goff said "the alternative is to create a bottom-up process where like-minded countries agree to come together to liberalise trade between them at a...
    on Sep 21, 2008 By: Phil Goff Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. "We're going to tell them that it's very, very important to liberalise the markets in that sector. We want more reciprocity, more transparency, more openness," Ferrero-Waldner said.
    on Oct 26, 2007 By: Benita Ferrero-Waldner Source: EUbusiness (press release)

  3. "Bold steps have been taken further to liberalise the telecommunications industry," Mbeki said.
    on Feb 11, 2005 By: Thabo Mbeki Source:

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