lepidopteran lepidopteran


  • (n) insect that in the adult state has four wings more or less covered with tiny scales


  • Its winged roof is responsible for its nickname, "The Butterfly House," and it truly looks as though the building is about to lift off like the yellow lepidopteran fluttering nearby.


  • 5 Things You Have to Do This Week

    1. Mothra Based on the serialized novel The Luminous Fairies and Mothra, Ishiro Honda’s sci-fi classic Mothra introduces an altogether different breed of daikaiju into the radiation-riddled universe of rubber monsters. One of the most powerful psychics in the Toho universe and an occasional ally to Godzilla, Mothra—a genetically engineered lepidopteran reportedly inspired by the Atlas Moth but ...
    on July 23, 2013     Source: San Antonio Current

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