legless legless  /ˈlɛɡ ləs/


  • (adj) not having legs


  1. At a Red Cross outpost, artificial legs rain from the sky in parachutes dropped from a plane, and the legless Afghani men race out of the tents to scavenge for them.
  2. Ghosting through both densely detailed narratives is a group of legless Quebec separatists tasked with stealing Infinite Jest.
  3. On the sunny sidewalk outside a bookstore on Hollywood's North Vermont Avenue, a legless pencil peddler had set up his pitch.


  1. Merced officer defends Taser use

    Jurors in a civil lawsuit against the city of Merced and a Merced police officer who used a Taser on a legless man who did not have a weapon had an opportunity Wednesday to hear from the officer. Officer John Pinnegar took the stand to testify about the September 2009 incident in which he used a Taser on Gregory Williams, 44, after responding to a domestic violence complaint.
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Merced Sun-Star

  2. Taser lawsuit against Merced set to start

    A civil trial is expected to begin Tuesday in federal court in Fresno in the lawsuit of a legless man who sued the city of Merced after a police officer used a Taser on him in an incident about four years ago.
    on July 8, 2013     Source: Merced Sun-Star


  1. "I would imagine I'll be legless by about midnight - and I will be buying," said Mark Crossley, who became the second goalkeeper to save a penalty in the final when he denied Gary Lineker 17 years ago, and rated this experience among his career...
    on Jan 6, 2008 By: Mark Crossley Source: Buzzle

  2. At the Mojo awards Martyn, a famously heavy drinker whose right leg was amputated below the knee in 2003, said as he took to the stage: "I promised them I wouldn't get legless before the gig :"
    on Jan 29, 2009 By: John Martyn Source: guardian.co.uk

  3. "To be honest, the last five games we won three and lost twice over a hell of a schedule," Revs coach Steve Nicol said. "It was real tiring on the legs. We shouldn't be surprised when we're legless. When you have a whole team that doesn't...
    on Aug 24, 2007 By: Steve Nicol Source: Boston Herald

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