leering leering


  1. (adj) showing sly or knowing malice in a glance
  2. (adj) (of a glance) sidelong and slyly lascivious


  1. The accepted generic term, hot pants, lends the style the leering inference of an adolescent joke.
  2. The camera heightens the suggestion of what is to come without allowing the scene to become graphic; there is no nudity, but there is plenty of screaming and leering.
  3. Chicago newsmen swept joyfully down upon Mattoon and wired leering accounts of The Gas Fiend, The Thin Man of Mattoon, The Mad Phantom and The Screwball Chemist.



  1. "Adults who corrupt or exploit the innocence of children are the worst type of villains. In Oliver Twist, Fagin and Bill Sikes profited by inducing children to steal," Senator Hatch said. "In the film Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, the leering...
    on Jun 24, 2004 By: Orrin Hatch Source: NewsFactor Network

  2. Anne said: "I played a Puritan maid and Benny was leering at me and fancying me, and eventually my skirt came off and I was left standing in a pair of bloomers."
    on Feb 24, 2008 By: Anne Reid Source: Glasgow Daily Record

  3. Last week, Dawkins called the Pope a "leering villain in a frock" in the Washington Post and said his first instinct was to cover up scandal.
    on Apr 12, 2010 By: Richard Dawkins Source: Independent

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