leafless leafless  /ˈli fləs/


  • (adj) having no leaves


  1. The lus h landscape beckons with dense green lawns, leafless trees sprouting pink and white blossoms, and an elegant, old-style home nestled on each lot.
  2. It was a picture of a bleak, bare no man's land on which a solitary, leafless tree stood silhouetted.
  3. The leafless little parks of Vichy seemed even more forlorn than before.



  1. In contrast, "very narrow trees with leafless branches often appear in the drawings of the frail elderly, indicating that their spirit, their will to live, may be waning," Burns says.
    on Apr 17, 2007 By: Robert Burns Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. "We have chosen February, when the trees are leafless, so that from far, far away you can see," Jeanne-Claude, said.
    on Jan 5, 2005 By: Christo and Jeanne-Claude Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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