lazybones lazybones


  • (n) a lazy person


  1. Now a start-up called Sonicbox is making it easy for lazybones like me to tune in to the rest of the world from the comfort of home.
  2. Petersburg, needled Russia with a masterly seriocomic study of a chronic lazybones whom he called Oblomov.
  3. With or without helpers, Rose is still one of the hardest workers in a lazybones game.


  • Man Diagnosed With ‘Chronic Lateness Condition’ at Appointment He Was 1.5 Hours Late For

    If you have trouble getting to work on time, perhaps instead of being a standard issue lazybones you are afflicted with Chronic Lateness Condition, which is actually a real disorder. The Evening Telegraph reports that one man named Jim Dunbar, who has been late for practically everything for his entire life, was officially diagnosed with the condition at an appointment for which he showed up an ...
    on August 28, 2013     Source: The New York Observer


  • Clark, who notes he's unfamiliar with Thompson, adds: "As long as it doesn't turn journalists into lazybones."
    on May 14, 2007 By: Roy Clark Source: Forbes

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