laxative laxative  /ˈlæk sə tɪv/


  1. (n) a mild cathartic
  2. (adj) stimulating evacuation of feces


  1. A girl of 19, her mother testified, had taken a laxative nearly every day since early childhood.
  2. Not by an American, though, because an American would never have named it after a highly advertised, highly marketed laxative of the same name that was popular then.
  3. Manna serves in pharmacy as a gentle laxative, demulcent and ex- pectorant.



  1. "I'm not happy. Such a long ban for a laxative pill seems really excessive," Mutu said in a statement read out to reporters by his lawyer Paolo Rodella, who said the player may now appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
    on Apr 19, 2010 By: Adrian Mutu Source: Globe and Mail

  2. In February 2008, Barry wrote, "MoviPrep is a nuclear laxative. I don't want to be too graphic, here, but: Have you ever seen a space shuttle launch? This is pretty much the MoviPrep experience, with you as the shuttle. There are times when you wish...
    on Mar 10, 2010 By: Dave Barry Source: Valley Courier Online

  3. Richard Mabey says that after the start of June, nettle leaves become "coarse, unpleasantly bitter and decidedly laxative".
    on May 2, 2008 By: Richard Mabey Source: Independent

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